How to write commencement speeches

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Commencement Speeches

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She is a pulsating actress, producer, writer and a deep. And you will be easy to be part of us. To write a fine speech, you don’t have to drag yourself through multiple sample graduation speeches.

Just take a moment and think of those three years spent in middle school. Here is a brief outline for an 8th grade graduation speech to get you going. The commencement ceremony affirms each student’s search for knowledge.

It often includes a speech that seeks to put their recent hard (or not so hard) work into the context of their future.

Complete text and audio and video of Barbara Bush's Wellesley Commencement Address.

The Commencement Speech

The commencement speech is a resurgent artform. It is a cooling oasis from the siroccos of information blowing through modern life. Yes, many speakers still think the occasion is about them; many still seek to inspire with uninspiring words; and, inevitably, half the audience is hung over and inattentive.

We often talk about various inspirational commencement speeches as we found the essence of real life experiences in the same. They not only motivates one but often inspire one to make reality check before doing things blindly. Following a graduation speech writing outline to organize your ideas at the beginning of the writing process is a good way to organize your ideas and put together some solid content – then, start slowly drafting and editing to make these quotes, stories, and anecdotes in the outline your very own.

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Barbara Bush -- Wellesley College Commencement Speech