How to write an artists blurb

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Yes, you do. The blurb is your biggest and best opportunity to sell your book. It’s what readers see. It’s their reason to click through or move on. And this means, for each book, the blurb should be the most polished passage of writing you do – including the manuscript.

Often it helps to see other artists and how they describe their efforts so that you can build your own.

17 Tips on How To Write a Blurb That Sells

Remember, don't ever copy someone else's words. You want to present what is. to be tough work; because to write a bio, you’ve got to know first of including artists you sound like, styles that are similar, etc.

The descriptions you come up with may 10 Thoughts on “ How to write a good band bio ” Levi Terrell says: November 20, at am.

Thanks, helped a lot! Reply. Everywhere we turn in the music business, the impact on digital marketing, promotion, sales, performances and publicity is changing the way artists and bands, as well as record labels are carrying out there business.

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How to write an artists blurb
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