How to write a function in powershell script

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How to Use PowerShell to Write to Event Logs

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Al Dunbar -- remember to 'mark or propose as answer' or 'vote as helpful' as appropriate. To create a new script file. On the toolbar, click New, or on the File menu, click created file appears in a new file tab under the current PowerShell tab.

Remember that the PowerShell tabs are only visible when there are more than one. Mar 30,  · Summary: June Blender explains how to understand and use streams in Windows PowerShell.

Microsoft Scripting Guy, Ed Wilson, is here. Today guest blogger, June Blender, explains how to understand and use streams in Windows PowerShell.


To read more from June, see these Hey, Scripting Guy! Blog posts. Note Since the writing of this post, some. 26 Comments. PowerShell is a bit funky.

When you create a function and you want to supply parameters, the following format applies: function fname {. Aug 10,  · Summary: When writing a Windows PowerShell script, code reuse can speed up the Wilson discusses best practices for reusing code.

Hey, Scripting Guy! I often write Windows PowerShell scripts, and when I need to use a function that I wrote for a different script, I copy and paste the function into my new script.

Apr 13,  · The Write-Log PowerShell advanced function is designed to be a simple logger function for other cmdlets, advanced functions, and scripts. Often when running scripts one needs to keep a log of what happened and when.

The Write-Log accepts a string and a path to a log file and ap.

How to write a function in powershell script
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